Play our MP’s Fantasy Expenses Game

LieBour troughers

Choose a Welsh MP avatar and play Fantasy Expenses.

1st Prize:
Visit Afghanistan front line with  Gordon Brown

2nd Prize:
Get a billion £ line of credit from Alastair Darling

3rd Prize:
Choose a duckhouse, bell tower or other item from the John Lewis catalogue

4th Prize:
Learn the art of property  ‘flipping’  from Stephen Crabb (Preseli). A personalised course.


Each Avatar (see below) comes with a list of expenses tools to help you play the game ‘within the rules’.

Andrews, Piggy (Do Ron Rhondda)
15 gallons swill £15
Tail curling tongs £1.50
Cooling mud, 5 sacks £30
Tamiflu, 4 shots £250
Specialist consultancy related to potential charisma bypass, 5 sessions,

Vain, Rt Hon., Mister (Neath)
25 gallons “Tangerine Tinge” non-streak self-tanning mousse £85
365 hour sessions “Rentasun” Tanning Parlour, Neath High Street £4,578
Set of 2 “Big Man” heightening implants for shoes £2.65
4 tubs, “Pure Vanity” hair styling paste £90
8 Gallons Christian Dior “Eau Sauvain” eau de toilette £35,549

Davies, Alun “Dredd” (Hopeless South-east)
1 year’s supply “Alive Alive Oh” wake up pills £380
1 year’s supply “Nite Nite” sleeping tablets £462
5 consultancy sessions, “New Man” plastic surgery clinic Los Angeles (“Face
Transplants ŒR’ Us”). £16,945

Murphy, Rt Honest Spudface (Torvain)
Nuclear powered boiling system for third/fourth (Subs: check this) home
Gold-plated swimming pool £1,256,984
Sedan chair (shared with all other Liebour MPs, AMs etc) £677
Rent of minions, footmen, flunkies etc £41,953

Touhig, Big Don (Swyndlin)
Stop this -That’s enough silly expenses. Site administrator