Play our MP’s Fantasy Expenses Game

LieBour troughers

Choose a Welsh MP avatar and play Fantasy Expenses.

1st Prize:
Visit Afghanistan front line with  Gordon Brown

2nd Prize:
Get a billion £ line of credit from Alastair Darling

3rd Prize:
Choose a duckhouse, bell tower or other item from the John Lewis catalogue

4th Prize:
Learn the art of property  ‘flipping’  from Stephen Crabb (Preseli). A personalised course.


Each Avatar (see below) comes with a list of expenses tools to help you play the game ‘within the rules’.

Andrews, Piggy (Do Ron Rhondda)
15 gallons swill £15
Tail curling tongs £1.50
Cooling mud, 5 sacks £30
Tamiflu, 4 shots £250
Specialist consultancy related to potential charisma bypass, 5 sessions,

Vain, Rt Hon., Mister (Neath)
25 gallons “Tangerine Tinge” non-streak self-tanning mousse £85
365 hour sessions “Rentasun” Tanning Parlour, Neath High Street £4,578
Set of 2 “Big Man” heightening implants for shoes £2.65
4 tubs, “Pure Vanity” hair styling paste £90
8 Gallons Christian Dior “Eau Sauvain” eau de toilette £35,549

Davies, Alun “Dredd” (Hopeless South-east)
1 year’s supply “Alive Alive Oh” wake up pills £380
1 year’s supply “Nite Nite” sleeping tablets £462
5 consultancy sessions, “New Man” plastic surgery clinic Los Angeles (“Face
Transplants ŒR’ Us”). £16,945

Murphy, Rt Honest Spudface (Torvain)
Nuclear powered boiling system for third/fourth (Subs: check this) home
Gold-plated swimming pool £1,256,984
Sedan chair (shared with all other Liebour MPs, AMs etc) £677
Rent of minions, footmen, flunkies etc £41,953

Touhig, Big Don (Swyndlin)
Stop this -That’s enough silly expenses. Site administrator

4 thoughts on “Play our MP’s Fantasy Expenses Game”

  1. These people are a load of selfseeking ripoff money grubbing parasites. They are no use to Wales. They should all be sacked and never replaced.
    The National Assembly, the elected governnent of this country should run all government functions here .End of Debate.

  2. But are the Welsh contingent at Westminster our worst nightmare?

    By all accounts, one of our most prosperous industries is the trade in narcotics. As well as devastating our communities, this trade must be generating vast wealth. Once the traders have bought all their expensive gewgaws, there will still be a lot of zloties left over. Nobody even half-sensible will trust their money, however obtained, entirely to the banks. The capital accumulated will need to find a home.

    One obvious target would be any legitimate industrial activity still surviving. And, should there be any economic revival at some point, new industries would be an excellent conduit for processing accumulated capital into impeccably legitimate operations.

  3. If MP’s expect the Head of State to declare income and expenses – whats good for the Goose is good for the Gander

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