Cadw takes the piss

Open Letter to Cadw:
Re: your exhibition about the cartoon Princes of Gwynedd, located in a public lavatory just off the A55

Cadw down the toiletHow is it possible for an organisation charged with the preservation of a nation’s heritage to then treat it with such disrespect? As a patriotic Welshman with a developed interest in my nation’s history and culture, I am revolted and the frankly bizarre decision to place an exhibition about the Princes of Gwynedd in …. a public lavatory! You have made our history, culture and indeed our nation itself into a laughing stock throughout the world. Browse the Internet and discover how people are reacting!
Your decision at Abergwyngregyn (to use the post-conquest name) is incomprehensible – at the least level as a waste of public money – and has made me deeply ashamed and angry. Please consider my long-standing life membership of your organisation void and terminated.
I hope one day soon that those responsible for this tasteless travesty and poorly produced vulgar farce will be made publicly accountable. Your badly produced, childish and ill-sited garbled cartoons have insulted Welsh people everywhere and devalued a proud heritage.

Cadw ToiletYours with complete disrespect, Dafydd Bullock, Gorsedd y Beirdd

Photos: Kathryn Gibson

5 thoughts on “Cadw takes the piss”

  1. Tricky one eh, while the location seems an oddity, there is a good chance that this will bring these important stories to an audience who otherwise may never engage with them. Everbody needs to pee, not everyone needs to know their history. Some might feel that they should know their history, but whether that is felt by the individual is something else. So while I can sympathise with initial outrage, I would suggest that we consider the potential impacts of this, far too few in Wales know their own history, this might be one way of changing that.

  2. and what IS the point? A set of public friezes, along the main touristy route, would be appropriate. A set of archaeological/historical site markers, appropriate. Primary school level history in a stinky outdoor bog – inappropriate. (to the tune of £20,000, btw.)

  3. Gorgeous looking toilet now though, it’s hardly a naff looking bog! I fully intend to visit when I go for my regular walks in that valley.

    As a separate issue, in a modern Gogledd Cymru faced with appalling poverty, unemployment, environmental damage, hospital wards being shut, schools being closed, swimming pools and amenities being shut down and let’s be honest, most bloody public toilets remaining closed throughout the year due to council staff shortages, a) I’m relieved! – To know that they haven’t thrown vital public funds down the tube on new buildings b) I am delighted that they are keeping at least one public convenience open in North Wales, c) That the public toilet is being used wisely and educationally in a tourist area d) That instead of having corporate tackiness, they decided to use the opportunity to present some fascinating Welsh history which may keep people ‘engaged’ longer than they’d think.

    In Y Beffro, on Ynys Môn, there is the tiniest little inconspicuous almost bland building containing utterly fascinating Welsh history ‘interpretation panels’ which I ended up spending nearly two hours reading through, simply because I needed the loo next door!

    As someone else pointed out, everyone needs the loo, it’s a vital and natural part of our lives. Just because historical information is in a loo it doesn’t mean it’s crap!

    OK, in an ideal world bursting with money, we’d have a majestic hall dedicated to such a show, but here in North Wales, we are utterly broke, but history still matters.

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