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Would Lorraine die for a badger?

BadgersNO DOUBT Lorraine Barrett did not mean it to be taken seriously. The badger-lover had – more or less -  offered her own life for the badger …

With an Assembly session on Elin Jones’s proposed badger-cull in selected areas, it seemed a good chance of asking the party which is historically the farmers’ friend – the Tories – what was their attitude to the cull.

No doubt, no change, Tory leader Nick Bourne replied. Well then, what about Lorraine Barrett’s offer of her life before the badgers …

Oh no, said Mr Bourne, she might be the Labour AM for Cardiff South and Penarth. But we rather like her …

Peter Black, co-signer of the motion attacking the badger-cull, was in pretty light mood when tackled.

Presumably he knew he could never win. But it was worth if for the publicity. And for democracy – challenging government decision you don’t like.

“I have a letter from the NFU alleging I was a vegetarian,” he told me. I’m not; I very much like meat, he added.

By the time the spoke in the chamber, Mr Black corrected himself. The letter hadn’t been from the NFU; it was the FUW which got it wrong!