“Is she dead yet?”

It’s time people stopped relaying this tasteless question round the Internet. To wish for the death of another human being is, to put it at its very mildest, reprehensible. No civilized person would even think of it. Exactly when Margaret Hilda Roberts shuffles off this mortal coil should be a matter only affecting her family and friends.


But it isn’t. There’s talk of her being granted a state funeral. Admittedly, she never specified from which direction the rolling would happen, but she did speak of rolling back the frontiers of the state. Were she still fully aware of what’s going on round her, she would doubtless be horrified at the suggestion. She would doubtless be equally horrified that she seems to be attracting some £100,000 of official expenses every year. I have, however, a plan that will lighten the burden on the public purse, and respect Sir Mark’s mum’s principles.


The desk dealing with her expenses claims should be privatized without delay, and floated on the Lichtensteinian Stock Exchange, under the name of ThatchBrass SA. All her loyal fans would be thus enabled to demonstrate their commitment by investing in it. ThatchBrass SA would in turn create a subsidiary, Thatchequies SA, to be registered at a box number above a sweetshop in Macao. Thatchequies SA would take on the delivery of preparations for the funeral. This would include the hire of redundant members of the Crown Forces, TV coverage (including advertising rights), rent on public thoroughfares for the funeral route, etc.


This solution is so obvious that I marvel nobody thought of it before. It solves several problems all at once. Hooray!

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  1. Distasteful perhaps. But more distasteful was the way she destroyed countless lives and families in this Country. Especially Wales she destroyed their livelihoods, their Communities, their sense of purpose, the sense of families together. But most of all the dignity and the very soul of our country. All in the name of greed and the Markets. Will many moan the loss in Wales? You decide.

  2. I don’t dispute anything of what you say. All I ask is that we display higher standards than those of our enemies.

  3. Agreed Tim but what if the person has lower standards than us and has the power to ruin many peoples lives. Respect is something that is earned not expected. If you had no respect for the person alive, why should you have respect for them because they have died. You can’t change your feelings just like that because it would be false and insincere. There are millions of people not just in this country who deserve our respect do we show them any. What about the sick and vulnerable in Society. We call them scroungers and benefit cheats. I would rather respect them because they deserve it because they are the ones who have to fight and survive each and every day. For nothing in return. If you want us to show respect help fight for them against what this and the previous Government are doing to them.

  4. Maggie was supported by millions of working class voters. Try understanding why that might have been rather than mouthing off the usual platitudes

  5. Margaret Thatcher had the skill and luck to achieve much of the fascist project without having to kill and injure more people than strictly necessary. Despite a great deal of duplicity, one theme was constant in her propaganda, and that of her acolytes: public support would no longer be an entitlement for people in need and distress. My proposal, therefore, was to accord her respect as a human being and to take her at her word.
    I gather that she is no longer fully aware of what is going on around her. It therefore behoves those who benefited from her depredations, and who endorse her contempt for anybody not of her mind and standing, to take matters into their own hands and put her stated principles into practice. Since there is no such thing as society, Margaret Thatcher in her right mind would clearly object to trousering £2,000 a week in respect of a post she vacated nearly a generation ago. Those people will therefore be happy to have the allowance cancelled, and to make it up from their own ample funds.
    Similarly, Margaret “Roll back the frontiers of the State” Thatcher would be very unhappy to be accorded a State Funeral. Her fan club will therefore be delighted to set up a fund for providing magnificent obsequies foe their benefactress entirelt from their own amply deep pockets.

  6. Dave I am sorry but I just can’t see how you can work that out. Now if you said Middle Class then I can understand. What exactly do you mean by millions of working class. Though the support could have come because of the gullibility of the people controlled by a compliant Media controlled by. Well you know whom. The mess the country is in now, let’s be honest was started by her and her Free Market Policies and no such thing as Society. Oh and fiddling the unemployment figures by encouraging the unemployed onto sickness benefits. They are not platitudes they are factual statements. Sorry as much as I shouldn’t say it as a Christian. I don’t have much sympathy for her.

  7. Roger, just like for Thatcher, millions of public sector workers, working class workers, have to have voted for Lord Snooty and Pals, it’s the only way the votes add up. The middle class isn’t big enough to account for the swing to the Conservatives because they will always vote Tory. The Tories can’t be trusted – when will the working class ever learn?

  8. Can any of them in Westminster be trusted. They are all tarred with the same brush. They are all Toffs and PR people today. I believe nothing that comes from the mouths of any of them. They are all trained to be deciteful and have double meanings to everything they utter. Even if they are well meaning the system will corrupt them . They couldn’t govern on the truth. The whole system is based on lies. We can not believe anything they say. If it was run on the truth it would all collapse like deck of cards.

  9. The same applies to any number of institutions and organizations. It is indeed highly likely that their moral standards will generally be much the same as the body of citizens from which they are drawn. Whether the representative body be in the Bay, Westminster, or Strasbourg, the duty of the citizens is to select the representatives with care, and to hold them to account. In the city-states of Greece, a type held in particular contempt was the private citizen who concerned himself solely with his own affairs, and had no interest in the welfare of the city. The name for this character, in Greek, was ἰδιώτης – from which we get the word ‘idiot’. We must all be vigilant not to deserve this title ourselves today.

  10. Then perish the thought Tim that our 21st century society has declined to this level in our moral and ethical standards. If that is the case then there is no hope for the future. How sad.

  11. While I share your concerns, I must demur at two propositions that you offer, The first is that the people of our time are more depraved than those of any other. The second is that elected public representatives are an undifferentiated shower of unmitigated scoundrels. This is inaccurate, unfair, and potentially damaging. If you’ll bear with me (it’s been a frantick 48 hours) I’ll hope to explain to you why I believe that Councillors,. AMs, MsP, MsEP, and others, are entitled to the benefit of the doubt – just as we, their electors, are so entitled.

  12. Tim it is not just me saying that. Ask the country whom they trust the least. Wrong it may be. But the perceptions are there and what people perceive is what guides them to their beliefs. Trust has gone from Governments and the Church and the Police. Society is failing and it started with Thatcher. She has so much to answer for.

  13. It is certainly true that Thatcher began the systematic demolition of what people like Lloyd George, Aneurin Bevan, James Griffiths, together with many good and brave people achieved. Part of her successful strategy was by appealing to short-sighted greed. A lot of people supported her policies as long as it was other people who suffered. I remember a good few individuals who repented bitterly when their turn came to be despoiled and oppressed. The ideas which she implemented had been around for a long time. The fault for her successes lies, in large measure, with those of us who did not see her coming.

    However, it’s never been the case that politicians as a class have been regarded as any kind of guiding light for society as a whole. In every period, people have believed that the corruption and venality of their particular age were more corrupt and venal than those of any other age. When you look at the evidence, it becomes plain that politicians as a class are pretty much like the society from which they are drawn: some saints, some sinners, and most (just like the rest of us) pretty average.

    If we as citizens despair openly and denounce all politicians as beyond redemption, then we bring about several extremely deleterious results. Firstly, we certainly do nothing to inhibit the genuine villains in public life: we rather propagate an atmosphere of cynicism and indifference in which they can thrive. Secondly, we denigrate, and impede the good work of, the admirable people in public life who might otherwise achieve great things. Thirdly, we make it that much harder for the ordinary public representative who would otherwise have pursued an unremarkable but unexceptionable path. Fourthly, by abandoning any effort to play our part in politics, we make ourselves bad citizens.

    Where there is wrongdoing, let us denounce it. Our duty is to watch closely everything done in our name, to commend the good, and to condemn the bad. Let us campaign and protest, and work to expel from office those have forfeited our trust. Aristotle observed that what distinguished us from other creatures is our habit of living in communities. If we abandon an active interest in the life of those ocmmunities, we deny our own humanity.

  14. Tim after an argument like that I think we will agree to differ on certain points and agree to agree on others. Thank you. Though I can’t help thinking our paths have crossed before. Perhaps on a certain Blog site.

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