Wind generator betrayal

Dear Editor


I am not at all surprised that John Griffiths, the laughably Welsh Government, Environment Minister, has rejected three out of four recommendations to minimise the disgraceful impact wind generators have on folk living in close proximity to these worthless behemoths. One wonders what qualifications Mr Griffiths has regarding environmental issues, and indeed, wind and power technology? From his pronouncements I would suggest he does not know his Ohm from his Amp, otherwise he would recognise the folly of wind farms, their impact on the environment, and act accordingly.

Additionally, I wonder if Mr Griffiths understands the word, ‘Democracy’ for what a betrayal to over a 1000 name petition from the people of Carmarthenshire, bearing in mind it was the good folk of Carmarthenshire that swung the devolution vote to a ‘YES’!

A cynic might observe, “Be careful what you wish (vote) for.”

A letter from Dave Haskell of Boncath to Cambria.

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